WTB Staff

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is the Executive Director and Founder of WTB. He acts as visionary and leader in formulating, articulating and implementing organizational philosophy, mission, strategy, goals and objectives. In partnership and with the Board of Directors, he develops and implements annual and long-term strategic goals and objectives to advance the mission of the organization. He oversees the management and development of programs, people, and initiatives of West Town Bikes. Since 2004, Alex has developed a majority of programs as well as developed and piloted programs for other organizations including the Active Transportation Alliance, After School Matters, Elev8, Children’s Home and Aid Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and the City of Chicago. Beyond his passion working for youth development and community building Alex is driven by the unwavering belief that bikes are fun!

Brazhae Waddell "Bri"

Bri has been a part of West Town Bikes since she was 13 years old. She first joined us in June of 2014 learning bike mechanics and safety through After School Matters. Then shortly after, she became an ambassador on the 606 trail teaching others about safety, while also taking a job learning some new skills in urban planning. Currently she is in Girls Bike Club and is the organizations Administrative Assistant, learning the business and helping with our community events.

Coralee Montes

Coralee is the Business Manager.  Born and raised in Humboldt Park, she still works and lives in the community and raised two daughters here.  Along with managing the finances at WTB, she helps facilitate  Girls Bike Club, which holds a special place in her heart. Her two daughters participated in WTB programs and the oldest, Shacora Hawkins, is one of the co-founders of Girls Bike Club.

Danni Limonez

Danni is from the outskirts of Chicago and was introduced to West Town Bikes because it became her local community bike shop. She came from a video production background and utilizes her skills to show the public what West Town Bikes is doing. In time, she came to be a consistent volunteer and mentor through Girls Bike Club. Becoming a instructor opened up her eyes to seeing a mass amount of powerful development in youth at multiple schools and programs throughout the city. She is now the Program Manager and hopes to encourage more youth to film and document their talents through the bike shop.

Recently, she completed a video with Girls Bike Club.  It features their work in the community and was awarded and Acting Up grant through Chicago Community Trust.

Garth Katner

Garth Katner is our Resource Development Manager and has over twenty years of professional experience working in diverse societies throughout the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Chicago. He  designed and led national capacity-building projects in civic education, higher-education reform, and youth development and taught international studies at St. Nobert College and leadership studies at Sacred Heart University. His essays have appeared in Swords and Ploughshares, the Common Review, and The New York Times.  He completed his Doctorate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a MacArthur Scholar and has given interviews on National Public Radio and the Fox Network.

Lebster Pabon

Introduced to cycling in 2006, Lebster Pabon started using a bicycle for transportation in Chicago. Meeting West Town Bikes was a life changing experience in many ways for him. With a background in community volunteering, activism and a passion for extreme sports, art and teaching Lebster found WTB to be the perfect place to grow and develop as a professional in his community. Becoming Lead Instructor in 2009 Lebster Pabon teaches and manages most of youth programs at the workshop.

Pearl Da Shop Cat

Pearl is lazy.  She sleeps a lot and eats when she wakes up.  We think Paerl is un-knowingly keeping rodents out of the shop.  If you are bored check her out at #PearlDaShopCat