Build A Bike classes

The Build A Bike class takes place here at West Town Bikes in our workshop. This class is 8 weeks long meeting for 3 hours once a week.  The suggested minimum donation is $200 and payment arrangements can be made.  WTB is a non-profit service provider, if the minimum donation can net be made please get in touch with us and we will work something out.  We don't want a financial hurdle preventing people from participating.  If a class is missed, arrangement can be made at Open Shop.  BAB is meant to be taken in order and entirety.  If you are interested in attending a single session contact the instructor listed on the event.

For the class, you get the most value by using your own bike or one that is a quality, complete, bicycle that needs a total overhaul.  In some instances a project bike can be provided for you if you don't have a bike for the class. This class is best suited for multi speed bikes. West Town Bikes will provide certain materials such as cables, cable housing and bearings as well as consumables such as grease, lube, and cleaners.  You may want to upgrade existing components or make a change to the bicycle and this can be done with new parts available from our sales shop Ciclo Urbano, or from the used selection we have in the workshop. A discount is offered at Ciclo Urbano for BAB class participants.

Each class starts with a demonstration that usually takes about a half an hour. After the demonstration participants will work on their bikes doing the work of the days topic. If you finish early this may leave time for you to do work on another bike if you need to, or leave early as you see fit.

The general outline of work for the Build-A-Bike class is as follows:

Week 1 - Overview of West Town Bikes including history, shop policies, and other info. We will also go over the anatomy of the bicycle learning the names of all the parts. We will also have a general overview of tools at student workstations, their names and appropriate use. There will also be a section on Basic Bike Maintenance that will go over fixing a flat, changing a tire and basic adjustments. 
The first day is a lot of talking that will pay off in the following weeks.

Week 2 - Bottom Brackets. We will overhaul the bottom bracket on project bikes including removal of crank arms. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure. We will also discuss types of bottom brackets (Adjustable Cup/Cartridge Bearing).

Week 3 - Headsets. We will overhaul the headset on project bikes including removal the stem and handle bars. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure.

Week 4 - Hubs. We will overhaul the front and rear hub of wheels including removal of the freewheel/cassette. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure.

Week 5 - Truing Wheels. We will true (straighten) wheels as well as go over the fundamentals of how a spoked wheel works. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure.

Week 6 -  Review of previous week. Demonstration on Brakes. We will add new brake cables and housing to project bikes as well as brake pads (if needed). We will also service and adjust brakes including tensioning cables, adjusting brake pads (toe in) and balancing brake arms. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure.
Week 7 -  Shifters and Derailleurs. We will add new shifter cables and housing to project bikes. Chains will be installed and we will cover how to measure appropriate chain length We will also check and align front and rear derailleurs as well as check and adjust the limit screws of the derailleurs. We will cover the difference between friction and index shifting and go over how to adjust shifting of both. This will include an overview of the parts worked on and the tools used for this procedure.

Week 8 - Complete all finishing work on project bikes including adding accessories (racks, fenders, lights, etc) and other finishing work such as taping up handlebars.