Ciclo Urbano Staff

Anthony Cruz

Anthony manages Ciclo Urbano along side Max Astell.  A 22yo Humboldt Park native, he found West Town Bikes through Bike Club when he was a junior at Pedro Albizu Campos High School.  Anthony is proud of the service he provides to the community he came up in.  He shows young people that effort and heart can put you in a good spot by being a leader and setting solid example.

Jean Carlos

Races and wrenches... Tell us more Jean Carlos...


Re-inventing trash culture one freak bike creation at a time...

Daniel Lakes

A stand up guy who knows how to get down.  Daniel specializes in new and used bike builds.  No easy task for mere mortals.


Ulana came up from our Girls Bike Club program and now wrenches at Ciclo Urbano and serves at Women and Trans Night. She is currently going to school for welding and has a pet rat. Be more like Ulana.