Build-A-Bike (1 of 8)

Build-A-Bike is an 8 session class beginning January 28th, meeting once a week every Thursday from 7pm-10pm.

Gain a comprehensive overview of bicycle mechanics in this 8 week Build-A-Bike course. We cover overhauling and adjusting bottom brackets, headsets and hubs, wheel truing, brake, shifter and derailleur adjustment and other finishing work, detail and trouble shooting.

Participants must arrange a project bike for the class. Project bikes best suited for this class are multi-speed derailleur bikes with cable activated brakes and English bottom brackets. Participants may use their own bike for the class or arrange for a project bike from WTB. West Town Bikes will provide basic supplies such as cables, housing, bearings, grease and other shop supplies. Used parts are available at WTB and new parts and accessories can be purchased through our sales shop, Ciclo Urbano, with a class discount of 10% off. Storage is available for participants project bike over the duration of the 8 week class. Participants are also able to "ride in and ride out" each class night with their project bike if they choose. Each week a section of the bike is repaired/overhauled having the bike in improved condition after each class. Participants must take their bike and all other belongings from WTB at the end of the course.

In week 1 we will give an overview of West Town Bikes, shop policies and usage. We also review all the parts of the bicycle and tools at the workstation, learning the names and function for each. We then finish the day off with some basic bike maintenance useful to all bike riders.



Alex Wilson
West Town Bikes workshop
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