Open Shop and Volunteer Night

Open Shop at West Town Bikes.

Every Tuesday from 7pm until 10, come work on your bike in a relaxed, social atmosphere. Participants should have a general idea of the work they want to perform and mechanics are on hand to share tips and help. If you are looking for mechanics training, check out the class WTB offers and contact Michael Young. The instructor's ability to assist you will be limited by time and the total number of participants. Come on out, fix your bike, get some grease on your hands, and ride off with a better bike and more know-how than you had when you arrived!

Volunteers come to help maintain fleet bikes and the shop for our programs and workshops plus many other special projects.  There are a lot of varied volunteer opportunities here and those interested are encouraged to come by and talk to us any time we are open.

Tools and bike stands are provided. New and used parts are available for purchase.

Michael Young
Enter the workshop at 1147 N. Campbell Ave.
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Suggested Donation: 
$10 per hour spent working in the shop is suggested