An Overview of Youth Programs with West Town Bikes

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At West Town Bikes, we use bicycles as a tool to teach young people professionalism, self-reliance, confidence, resourcefulness, financial independence, problem solving, community involvement, health and wellness, advocacy and sustainability.  Focusing on those that are least served, our programs offer violence prevention and positive community development by offering opportunity and rewarding commitment.

We have ongoing after school, day-time and summer programs at the shop, schools, parks and other community spaces in Chicago. All programs are free to participants and some of those participants receive a stipend or hourly pay. Young people who are successful in our programs are awarded advanced and continuing opportunities in our bike shop, Ciclo Urbano or with other community partners. Below are some of the programs we are currently running.

WTB has done exciting work in the development of youth bicycle programs. In 2014 we served nearly 2000 youth through our educational programming, workshops, bike clubs, events and community partners. Through program management, we cultivate and support instructors from diverse neighborhoods who plan on running their own community bike programs. WTB-trained instructors run youth mechanic and riding programs in summer camps, schools and community centers.

West Town Bikes would be happy to consult and contract on youth programs in your neighborhood. We can offer program development, curriculum, budget development, tool and supply orders, instructors, instructor training, project bicycle acquisitions, wholesale helmets and much more! Contact Alex Wilson for more information.

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