Our board of directors

Our diverse Board of Directors plays a key role in West Town Bikes. For a youth development organization with a strong community focus they offer a wide-range of expertise. They take the lead on local challenges while highlighting linkages to broader, citywide issues. Our board members, uniquely expand engagement in local community organizations and institutions as well as citywide committees and planning groups. They leverage additional financial resources to recruit and place participants, train instructors, develop curriculum and related materials, and provide bikes, tools, and instructional facilities.

Jose Luis Rodriguez


Introduced by a former board member and through collaborative projects with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center.  José Luis has been sat on the board since 2009. He is Chapter Treasurer of the Latin American Motorcycle Association (LAMA Chicago-West).  José Luis is a class of 84′ from UIC with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Latin American History.

Kevin Mitchell

Vice President

First came to West Town Bikes as one of Mayor Daley’s Bicycling Ambassadors in 2005.  Holds bachelors degree in Urban Studies from The Evergreen State College and a Master’s degree in the Science of Education from Northwestern University. Kevin is a daily commuter and an Elementary school teacher.

Francisco Moya


Francisco first became involved with West Town Bikes while he was working as a Mayor Daily Bicycling Ambassador. He visited West Town as an ambassador and was invited to Open Shop. Francisco began to volunteer his time and eventually was offered a full time job as shop manager. Francisco is now a Chicago Police officer on the Bicycle Patrol. Francisco graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Education.

Michelle Schadler


Introduced to West Town Bikes through its corporate build-a-bike team-building program. Michelle is a recreational cyclist and the COO of a mid-size Chicago law firm. Michelle holds a Bachelors in Science in Economics from Arizona State University and a Masters of Arts in Social Sciences from California Institute of Technology.

Nestor Rodriguez


Nestor has years of financial accounting experience for organizations ranging from $2.5-$10M. Strong research analysis and accounting experience in governmental, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, and project accounting.

Ryan Lakes


Introduced to West Town Bikes by his neighbor and former board member Steve Marsala. Ryan began stopping by on his way to work and eventually became a regular in open shop. Lakes is an Architect of 10 with a Bachelors in Science in Environmental Design and  Architecture from Ball State University.