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We offer youth programs at our location and across the city, bicycle mechanic classes, workshops, and special events to members of the community. 


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We empower youth of all abilities and circumstances to build stronger, healthier communities. Respecting their diversity in culture, identity, and opinion, we develop creativity, self-sufficiency and economic opportunity through hands-on education and business development. As a youth development organization our programs use bikes as a tool for positive transformation. 

We can also help you fix your bike. Get more enjoyment out of riding while saving money on repairs. Trained instructors walk you through each aspect of bike maintenance in informative, relaxed classes. Our helpful shop supervisors run frequent open shops that provide you with helpful advice, bike stand and tools included.

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

Executive Director and Founder of WTB. In partnership and with the Board of Directors, he develops and implements annual and long-term strategic goals and objectives to advance the mission of the organization. He oversees the management and development of programs, people, and initiatives of West Town Bikes. Since 2004, Alex has developed a majority of programs as well as developed and piloted programs for other organizations including the Active Transportation Alliance, After School Matters, Elev8, Children’s Home and Aid Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and the City of Chicago.

Jojo Araud

My name is Joceliz Araud but I’m best known as Jojo. I am an alumnus of West Town Bikes and now Program Coordinator. A little fun fact, I am one of the co-founders of Girls Bike Club. I’ve been with West Town Bikes since 2011 and back then it was only Bike Club for us youth. I was introduced to West Town Bikes at their annual Block Party Basketball Tournament. Then about a month or two later Shacora, Noemi, Angie and I decided to become co-pilots for Girls Bike Club. And ever since then it really brought us closer as friends. We were able to fly to New York city for the Youth Bike Summit in 2012 as youth ambassadors for Girls Bike Club. We were able to share our success and inspire other youths across the nation that as young women it is possible to come together to share knowledge and confidence while having fun. As a girls bike club we were able to have annual fashion shows, work on community gardens, explore our lovely city, but our goal is to educate these ladies about the power of making wise decisions. I had recently came back to the West Town Bikes team in mid-July 2019 to be a volunteer and a week later they offered me this amazing position where I can utilize and hone all my skills and still be able to give back to my community. I’ve had a great life changing experience since being back at West Town Bikes.


Garth Katner

Our Resource Development Manager has over twenty years experience working with youth and young people around the world as well as in Chicago. He’s a utility biker and collector of old English 3speeds who enjoys sharing his passion with everyone who comes to West Town Bikes. Before settling on fundraising Garth was a canoe guide, air force contractor, college professor, humanitarian aid worker, barista, and all around do-gooder.


Aaron Smith

Cyclocross Coach and Program Instructor, Aaron became our friend in 2012 as a regular at Open Shop. Shortly after Smith began teaching youth programs at elementary Schools Along the 606/ Bloomingdale Trail and After School Matters at CPS High Schools. In 2018 Aaron became coach of our Cyclocross team.


Shawnee Day

Youth advocate, community builder, and musician hailing Chicago’s South Side. When off the stage, she activates spaces for creative youth to express unapologetically. Shawnee earned her BFA in Cultural Studies from Columbia College Chicago, concentrating in Urban Studies and Black World Studies. At WTB she utilizes her undergrad learnings, combined with her right brain personality to instruct after-school bike programs. When teaching young children how to ride a bike, Shawnee emphasizes her lifestyle practice of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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