Girls Bike Club

Empowering girls to make healthier choices and develop the confidence and leadership skills they need to succeed on and off a bike.

Girls Bike Club

GBC is a comfortable space to explore creativity, community engagement and cycling. The Girls Bike Club promotes youth development through bike mechanics, team building and self-sufficiency. Allowing participants to collaborate in constructing club agendas, we emphasis the importance of personal and communal agency. 

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Since our beginning we have had a wide variety of participants. From home school to college prep, 9 years old to 17 years old, Humboldt Park to Marquette Park and throughout Chicago.



The girls have planted, maintained, and harvested three community gardens in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

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Over the years the girls have racked up over 400 miles on bikes. Some of the rad places include the lakefront, community gardens, Illinois beach state park, and even Indiana

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Fun in the sun

During the spring/summer season, GBC hosts rides to different Chicago parks, enjoying the nature within our city. Once a month, we set time to weed, water, and grow our garden(s), maintaining the sowing of our seeds. To end the summer, we plan an over night camping ride. This ride is intended to push us past what we believe we are capable of and brings us closer as a community.

Girls Bike Club cycling at Humboldt Park Boat House

Chill - In

During the fall/winter season, GBC loves to fundraise! We create jewelry from recycled bike parts and craft all-natural spa products. We sell these products at community events and markets. During the Girls Bike Club program, we increase our knowledge of basic/ intermediate bike mechanics which is a significant topic that we focus on when the Chicago weather is tougher than usual. Throughout the holidays, we love giving back to our community by volunteering at soup kitchens and other community orgs.